Vertical Happy Birthday Cards

Our website www.Vertical.HappyBirthdayPics.net is actually an extension of our main website www.HappyBirthdayPics.net.

Birthday cards on our main site are designed horizontally as they will be shared on Facebook and Twitter. For full viewing, the phone must be held sideways. However, some of our users reported that they wanted to provide full viewing by holding the phone vertically without turning it horizontally.

Website for Vertical Happy Birthday Cards

That’s why we created this subsite. The preview images of the posts with vertical cards are also designed to be suitable for sharing on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We think that this is how we satisfy our users who want to get vertical birthday cards.

Our Vertical Happy Birthday Cards site offers “quotes” cards as well as birthday cards. We can say that these cards also attract attention and are shared frequently.

Please do not just use the cards offered to you and visit our other sites using the links in the menu. Also, our Facebook pages have been created to make it easy for you to share these cards. Do not forget to follow these pages. We thank you.