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As technology advances, people’s lives become easier. Every technological product contributes to making our lives easier. For these simplified lives, we save time to study new technology topics. Everyone knows that this cycle has accelerated considerably in recent years. Every new generation is born into a more advanced level of technology.

I Finally Realized It

However, it is also important to use technology in a truly beneficial way. While new inventions make our lives easier, they should not cause anything important to disappear from our lives. This ideal model of use is not always possible, and the misuse and overuse of some technological inventions reduce our quality of life, instead of improving it.

The best example of this situation is mobile phones. The excessive use of these communication devices called smartphones has destroyed many beauties from people’s lives. That’s what this funny quote card says: “I finally realized it that people are prisoners of their phones and that’s why it’s called Cell Phone.”

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